Our Story

Early in 2020, after my family finished off yet another jar of jelly, I was back at the supermarket staring at the shelves of sandwich spread. Disappointed with the lack of variety, I decided I would try to make my own instead. Learning and playing in the kitchen became a source of relaxation and enjoyment for me. I was having so much fun that soon, jar after jar was being shared with friends and neighbors. Not long after, Smashed Jams & More was created! It is my hope to bring these creations from my table to yours.

My focus is on three basic principles.


  • Simple. Good food shouldn't be complicated or fussy. The ingredient list shouldn't be a mile long. Packaging should be as minimal as possible. Usually the most simple answer is the best answer.  
  • Small-Batch. The best things are made the slow, traditional way. Each batch I prepare results in 8-10 jars of jam. I like taking my time and really thinking about the homes and families that the jars will eventually end up in.   
  • Seasonal Flavors. Taking advantage of the changing seasons allows me to exercise some creativity and have fun with it! Thinking seasonally helps me look forward to each passing month and the celebrations and traditions that come along with it. Food and our memories are so closely connected, and I hope these jams can help create some lasting memories for you as well.